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Sweet Seven Seven: Internal leakage
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Featured comments

User from JapancommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Snow PeachThis system is not suitable for her. She has short legs, the camera is too high, and the clothes are old-fashioned. The visual impact is greatly reduced.
朱哥commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Beautiful JadeAlthough the genitals are completely exposed, it is not pornographic at all. I want to convince my wife to make such a work, so that everyone can enjoy it when relatives and friends come to visit me.
User from JapancommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Beautiful JadeThe sun shines in the photo studio, and the beautiful woman is reflected in the mirror. She looks elegant, with fair skin and colorful naked body.
User from U.S.commentedThe bridge is not long: RUN WAYI never thought that a porn star like her would get off the horse. I was so shocked that I don't even remember how many times I masturbated for her.
User from U.K.commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: YunaThis kind of studio photography, with multiple photographers shooting together, results in many pictures where the model does not look at the camera, and the aperture is too wide, resulting in partial blur if the position is slightly larger. The advantage of studio photography is that the lighting is flexible and sufficient, and an aperture of F11 or above will not cause insufficient shutter speed, so that all parts of the model can be clear. Unfortunately, many parts of the face and b in the same frame are blurred.
User from HongkongcommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: PKG glasses girlThis kind of woman is good when you can't have sex with her. If you have ever had a girlfriend like this, you will know how important big breasts are.
User from VietnamcommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Lin XiaojiaThis set of pictures is awesome! The model is pretty, and her expression is happy, sweet and cute! But the poses are bold and lewd! It's so cool to watch! Great!
User from HongkongcommentedBoy Abin Season 2 Chapter 5 Winter Vacation BeginsWho plays the young Abin here? The actor's little brother is okay, but not sexy enough. It's a pity that the appearance is very different, and the M-shaped forehead is too ugly. If you are good-looking, have six-pack abs, and are thick and long, then you are still the most beautiful candidate.
User from ChinacommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Snow PeachThis time, the photography of the line-up "Line-up, Visiting Girl" seems to have leaked hundreds of sets of pictures (previously there were only scattered pictures of refined pictures), which is simply a little shock of the times
User from TaiwancommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Xiao ShuangA black long straight lady, with a cool face, tall figure, curvy figure, good dancing skills, and clean and tidy vagina and anus, she is a top grade. I hope Xingse will release more of her works.
User from HongkongcommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: WorkshopSo many ladies were wasted. The person who took the photo needs to learn more. The photo effect is very poor. First of all, some of the six ladies are sometimes invisible or their faces are hidden from the camera, which is a taboo; secondly, their postures are not aesthetically pleasing, as many in Japan and foreign countries often pose in sexy and provocative poses; thirdly, clothing Weird, even if the costumes of several people are inconsistent, it doesn't matter, don't be too different. Taking photos can be aesthetic, not necessarily obscene. If you want to take pictures of your feet, you can also take beautiful pictures. Each one has a close-up of the big feet, which is like a foot bath and foot massage advertisement.
User from CanadacommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Lin XiaojiaI strongly recommend supporting the Xingse series. I dare not say that all models are 100% perfect, but they do give you a unique feeling.
User from TaiwancommentedThe woman who seduced the Japanese lieutenantIt seems that the financial backers behind Teacher Shen have taken action. Regardless of the quality of the film, the price of a bunch of extras is more than a bunch of movies.
User from TaiwancommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Lin XiaojiaIncredible! I would give the best review on the entire site. Perfect in all aspects, both the model and the photographer, the shooting angle and the lighting are works of art!
User from U.S.commentedZhou Chuchu SanhaiThe filming was really good. In the drama part, both the male and female actors performed very professionally. It is no worse than the original film. The inner struggle of the female students under the verbal oppression of the cult leader was very realistic. The tone of the cult leader Lin Luhe is very similar to the original film. The beard and smile on the face of the gunman also have the feeling of the original film.
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